Dr. Danis Bois

Dr. Danis Bois (Ed.D) is an osteopath and physiotherapist who began developing the Danis Bois Method over 30 years ago in France. He is the creator of Perceptual Education (formerly Somatic-Psychoeducation), an academic field dedicated to the qualitative and clinical research exploration of kinesthetic perception in its applications to physical and behavioral wellbeing. He is the director/founder of CERAP (Centre for Applied Research in Perceptual Education) and Professor of Perceptual Education, a discipline he created at Fernando Pessoa University in Porto, Portugal where he directs M.A. and Ph.D. projects. Dr. Bois also oversees the central DBM training facility – Point d’Appui – in Paris, France. Point d’Appui conducts certifications and continuing education programs in Fasciatherapy, Perceptual Education, and Art and Espressivity. Point d’Appui works in alliance with Fernando Pessoa University to confer M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Perceptual Education.

Author: wadmin on September 9, 2015

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